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Lily Allen Slams Those Complaining About Her Weight

Lily Allen

was simply trying to share a bit of the joy in her life by sneak-sharing a video clip of her backstage at “The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan.”

Lily was talking quietly in the clip, shared to her Instagram page over the weekend, just before having her makeup put on, all smiles and excited about doing the show and even enjoying a live audience.

Things could have been well enough there, but that wasn’t to be the case as the body shamers came out of the woodwork. Several outlets captured some of the comments, including The Daily Mail, before Lily deleted them all and disabled comments on the post — a clear sign at just how out of control things had gotten.

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Lily Allen
Lily Allen (Instagram)

“Worried about you Lily,” wrote one apparent fan. “I feel like we’ve grown up together and I’ve never seen you this thin. Your fans care about you, your health, and we love you very much. Please take care dear.”

While this fan, and several others who took it upon themselves to say she looked “too thin,” might have thought they were coming from a place of kindness and love, their words were nevertheless body-shaming Lily.

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It’s inappropriate to do at any time, but doubly insensitive when dealing with someone who has spoken out publicly about past struggles with an eating disorder.

Lily spoke to Cosmopolitan in 2018, where she admitted she “started not eating” in anticipation of “having to do photoshoots and red carpets” ahead of her second album release.

Talking on The Recovery podcast in January, Lily admitted to using Adderall in 2014 to try and lose weight before her tour with Miley Cyrus, revealing that she even got addicted to it.

Before deleting everything, Lily actually took the time to address her body shamer over the weekend, per Buzzfeed, responding with, “You’ve never seen me two years sober, not smoking and exercising every day.”

She was far less diplomatic to another fan, clearly getting more frustrated the more she was attacked. “Seriously, where do you get off?” she wrote in another comment captured by The Daily Mail. “You know NOTHING about me or my lifestyle. How dare you.”

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