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Lil Nas X Links Up With MSCHF To Launch “Satan Shoes”

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Lil Nas X is now living up to his new hellish aesthetic, teaming up with an idea org to “Satan Shoes” on the heels of his polarizing music video on the same subject.

Lil Nas X launches "Satan Shoes"
Lil Nas X launches “Satan Shoes”

The rapper/pop star is putting out a limited release of Nike sneakers that are all about the Prince of Darkness and his kingdom … right down to the box artwork and even the shoe design itself, which features a pentagram emblem sitting on the laces.

Take a look below:

Satan Shoes by MSCHF and Lil Nas X
“Satan Shoes” by and Lil Nas X

The shoe is a Nike Air Max ’97, which MSCHF, the company behind this campaign has reinvented with Nas X’s new ‘Montero’ song and video in mind. It’s got a bible scripture emblazoned on the side, Luke 10:18, which references Satan’s banishment from heaven.

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There’s also a 666 reference toward the back of the shoe with another number in front of it, alluding to which limited unit it is. Word is, MSCHF/Nike are only dishing out 666 of these puppies to the public so if you have 6/666, that seems to mean you got the 6th model.

Here’s the kicker, apparently, these shoes will contain one drop of human blood somewhere along the soles. And no, not the metaphorical blood, sweat and tears of the factory workers who will presumably put these together like, actual plasma-filled red stuff.

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Unclear whose blood exactly is being used for this but it’s provocative, without a doubt.

Of course, the collab follows Nas X dropping a visual project for his track ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ which got a lot of mixed reactions this past week.

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