Lagos State Building Control Agency Demolishes Unauthorized Five-Floor Structure on Lagos Island

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Lagos State Building Control Agency Demolishes Unauthorized Five-Floor Structure on Lagos Island
: LASBCA Dismantles Non-Compliant Structure on Lagos Island

In a bold move to enforce construction regulations and ensure public safety, the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) has embarked on the demolition of a five-floor structure situated at 7, BreadFruit Street on Lagos Island. This action comes in response to the building’s violation of established construction laws and guidelines.

In an official statement released on Monday, Mr. Gbolahan Oki, the General Manager of LASBCA, announced the commencement of the demolition process. This decisive step highlights the agency’s commitment to curbing the rampant issue of illegal construction, as well as preventing the dire consequences of building collapses that endanger lives and property.

The statement, issued by Mrs. Adetayo Akitoye-Asagba, the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at LASBCA, emphasized that the building owner failed to secure the necessary approval from the agency. This failure to adhere to the regulatory framework governing construction activities within the state represents a blatant violation of the law.

Mr. Oki revealed that repeated warnings and notices were issued to the developer, urging them to halt construction. However, these warnings were disregarded, ultimately leading to the drastic step of demolishing the non-compliant structure. Records show that the developer’s request for a development permit was denied due to the fact that the construction area fell within government land jurisdiction, overseen by the Lagos State Urban Renewal Agency.

Underlining the agency’s unyielding commitment to the welfare of residents and the safety of their properties, Mr. Oki affirmed that LASBCA would not relent in its efforts until strict construction protocols are upheld by all parties involved. He reassured the citizens of Lagos that the agency is devoted to ensuring that all newly erected buildings across the state meet the required standards for habitation.

Mr. Oki also extended an appeal to property owners and developers, urging them to consistently adhere to the state’s building codes and guidelines. This approach, he noted, is pivotal to maintaining the structural integrity of buildings and safeguarding the lives and investments of Lagos residents.

As LASBCA takes this proactive stance against illegal construction, it sends a clear message that adherence to construction laws is not optional but imperative. The agency’s resolute action underscores the significance of accountability and compliance within the construction industry, ultimately working towards a safer and more secure urban landscape for all.

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