Kanye West Still In US Presidential Race

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Kanye West Still In US Presidential Race
Kanye West keeps his presidential dream alive

Kanye West is back in the race to the White House as he has officially filed to get on Oklahoma ballot.

Recall that we reported that someone in his campaign team has stated that the rapper had withdrawn from the US presidential race which will be going down in November.

Well, seems like Kanye has had a change of heart, or perhaps he was convinced to see the whole thing through because according to Oklahoma state’s Election Board, he is now officially on the ballot in the state, beating Wednesday’s deadline.

Kanye West Still In US Presidential Race

TMZ reports that Kanye has taken his first official step on his road to the White House, filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Per the report, he filed the first form required by the FEC yesterday, Wednesday, July 15, 2020, which is the Statement of Organization, declaring that the Kanye 2020 committee will serve as the “Principal Campaign Committee” with the artist as its candidate. The party is listed as BDY (which Kanye said stands for the Birthday Party).

However, Kanye is yet to file a more crucial form called the Statement of Candidacy; which shows he has raised or spent more than the $5,000 in campaign activity and triggers candidacy status under federal campaign finance law.

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