John Boyega’s Affection for Wizkid and Abeokuta

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John Boyega's Affection for Wizkid and Abeokuta
Actor John Boyega Reveals Nigerian Passion

In a captivating revelation, British actor John Boyega recently opened up about his deep affection for Nigeria and some of its most treasured elements, including his favorite Nigerian artiste and dish. The talented thespian, known for his remarkable performances, expressed his fondness for the African nation during a candid podcast interview hosted on Netflix.

During the insightful conversation, John Boyega disclosed that he is an avid enthusiast of Nigerian music, with a particular inclination towards the country’s vibrant Afrobeat scene. While he enjoys listening to the works of renowned artists like Burna Boy and Davido, it was none other than Wizkid who captured his heart as his ultimate favorite.

The Hollywood star, who was born in Nigeria, spoke passionately about his admiration for Wizkid, acknowledging that the Afrobeat sensation has been a constant source of inspiration for him. He confessed that Wizkid’s music has resonated with him deeply, and he has been a devoted fan since the very beginning of the artist’s illustrious career.

In his own words, Boyega declared, “I would say Wiz, Wizkid. I have always loved Wiz. Obviously, sorry, Burna [Boy], all of them, Davido, there’s so much, but Wiz has always had my heart from the beginning. That is who I have followed the longest.”

The revelation sparked excitement among Nigerian fans and music enthusiasts worldwide, as John Boyega’s endorsement adds to Wizkid’s ever-growing global appeal.

Not stopping at music, John Boyega also disclosed his favorite Nigerian culinary delight – Jollof Rice. The flavorful rice dish, which is renowned for its rich taste and spiced perfection, has become a cherished staple in West African cuisine. Boyega’s appreciation for the cultural delicacy further cements his connection to his Nigerian roots.

Moreover, the Hollywood star expressed his affinity for the enchanting city of Abeokuta, a historic city in Nigeria known for its unique blend of traditional and modern influences. Abeokuta, with its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has left an indelible mark on Boyega, and he fondly regards it as his favorite Nigerian city.

As John Boyega’s revelation continues to make waves across social media and entertainment platforms, it underscores the profound cultural impact of Nigeria on individuals across the globe. His heartfelt expressions of admiration for Wizkid, Jollof Rice, and Abeokuta resonate with many Nigerians, who take pride in the global recognition and love for their nation’s art, cuisine, and heritage.

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