Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Infamous Slap Before Hosting Oscars

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Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Infamous Slap Before Hosting Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel

Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the Oscars for the third time. However, much of the conversation leading up to the event has revolved around the infamous slap that took place during last year’s ceremony.

Kimmel has been asked repeatedly about the incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock, and how he plans to address it during the show.

In interviews with The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets, Kimmel has made light of the situation and turned it into a punchline. He joked about beating up anyone who tries to copycat the incident and even teased the possibility of violence during this year’s event.

However, Kimmel has also stated that he plans to address the elephant in the room and give a take on the incident that he believes no one has heard yet. Despite the focus on the slap, Kimmel claims he has not been involved in the crisis team hired by AMPAS to deal with any potential issues during the show.

While some may find the continued focus on the slap to be in poor taste, it seems that ABC and the Academy are comfortable with Kimmel’s approach and have signed off on it.

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