Jigawa Government Bans Tree Felling For Firewood, Charcoal

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Jigawa state government has banned tree felling for firewood and charcoal to protect forest resources and the environment.

Jigawa Government Bans Tree Felling For Firewood, Charcoal
Jigawa State Governor, Muhammad Badaru Abubakar

This announcement was made by Mr. Lawan Ahmed, Managing Director of the Jigawa State Environmental Protection Agency (JISEPA), on Monday in Dutse.

In accordance with the law, the agency has prohibited tree felling without approval across the state’s 27 local government areas. The measure is necessary to prevent loggers from felling trees indiscriminately for fuel wood and charcoal.

Ahmed stated that JISEPA is mandated by law to discourage, prevent, and stop indiscriminate and illegal felling of trees across the state with a view to safeguarding the environment.

“The Agency observed and received reports of an incessant and indiscriminate feeling of trees for unauthorized and illegal logging, uprooting of trees for fuel and charcoal. The menace ravages the state’s existing and fragile trees with potential deforestation on farm yields, livelihood, and public health,” he said.

“Trees provide a life support system and play a vital role in economic and social lives, carbon sequestration, global climate regulation, and regulating local air quality and rainfall patterns.

“Deforestation, fragmentation, and degradation destroy biodiversity. Many trees, shrubs, herbs, and habitats for some animal species have been depleted, while some are endangered.

According to Ahmed, the consequences of cutting down trees are enormous, ranging from decreased biodiversity and habitat loss to climate change, desertification, loss of water and soil resources, and psychological and social consequences, among other things.

He, therefore, urged residents to report the loggers’ activities to the agency, forestry offices, and law enforcement agents.

The government plans to implement penalties and fines for those found guilty of the illegal act. The government will also embark on a massive awareness campaign on the importance of trees to the environment and the need for their preservation.

Jigawa state government’s decision to ban tree felling for firewood and charcoal is commendable and is expected to help protect the environment and the natural resources within the state.

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