Jeiel Damina – The Final Word

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Jeiel Damina - The Final Word

The Final Word

Song by Jeiel Damina 
Album: Best Friends In The World OST 
Released: 25 March 2020 

Jeiel Damina, popularly known for her role as Olive in the web series, Best Friends In The World debuts on with “The Final Word”, an original soundtrack recorded for the series.

Neptune3 Studios of which Jeiel is one of the trio founders (alongside her sisters) is the producer of the “Best Friends In The World”, one of the most widely viewed web series in Nigeria recording an average of a million views in all its episodes.

Listen to Jeiel Damina (Olive) on The Final Word!


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  1. I love jeiel Damina so much she is such a good singer and actor I wish to be like her and one day act with her in a movie

  2. Wow….. Some people are really talented and blessed, Jeiel Damina, you will never stop to inspire me. I love you girl

    • Lord Savage

      I Swear
      She Has Make Me Lose Feeling Into Her
      I Wish She My Younger Sis Or Relative

  3. Lord Savage Reply

    Wow……I Really Love Olive She Has Take Part In My Feeling
    I Don’t Know How I Could Meet Her In Life

  4. Milly Berry Reply

    Wow….Jeiel Damina Has Take Part On My Feeling
    I Wish I Only One Way To Meet Or Just To Take Pic With In This Life

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