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Best Friends In The World [Senior Year] (Quick Review)

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“Best Friends In The World” is a Nigerian High School series which was first premiered in 2018.

Best Friends In The World [Senior Year] (Quick Review)
Best Friends In the World


This is a series about true friendship, love, jealousy, trust, and parent’s love; A story of how friendship is being tested.

The theme or reason for their outfit in the story is to promote the African culture, one of the greatest
high school series so far.

The senior episode which came out recently with some new twists has caught a lot of people’s attention. These new episodes have some new faces in there, they got a new teacher whom olive has gotten to like, Maria who was Olive’s sworn enemy in the first episode has gotten to be a good friend and of course Esther.

We all need friends like them. Adam kinda drifted from Olive on seeing Evelyn has joined the school. He was lost in deciding on the friendship between the two girls.

The last episode’s belief was about their election which was with betrayal from Evelyn to Olive, Evelyn used Olive’s past against her as she posted her story on how she was accused of stealing. That action from Evelyn gave Adam an upper hand which eventually made him win the head prefect. Love from Esther and Maria to Olive and of course her mum. We are also sensing romance as Olive’s mum met a new person.

Best Friends in the World is produced by an upcoming media company called Neptune3 Studio whose official outlet is on their YouTube channel. The studio’s style of telling the current generation’s story is remarkable. And that is why they have a fresh cast for Best Friends in the World web series.

Best Friends In The World [Senior Year] (Quick Review)
Best Friends In the World


Watch Season 2 Episode 1 below:

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