Iyabo Ojo Criticizes Focus on DNA Test Amidst Calls for Justice in Mohbad’s Case

In the midst of demands for justice in the Mohbad case, Iyabo Ojo criticizes the emphasis on DNA testing.

Iyabo Ojo Criticizes Focus on DNA Test Amidst Calls for Justice in Mohbad's Case
Nollywood Actress, Iyabo Ojo

Actress Iyabo Ojo of Nollywood fame has spoken out against the continual calls for a DNA test to establish Mohbad’s son Liam Light’s paternity. The tragic death of Mohbad and his father’s latest request for a DNA test for his grandchild were major topics of Ojo’s live social media session.

The actress stressed that getting to the bottom of who killed Mohbad is the most important thing, and that the paternity test is only a side issue. She insisted that Wunmi Aloba, Mohbad’s wife, would remain a suspect in the case notwithstanding the DNA test’s results.

Instead of being at the centre of the investigation into Mohbad’s death, Ojo said that the paternity issue should be treated as a private family concern. The investigation and the search for justice, she adamantly maintained, must continue to take precedence.

The actress went on to say that Wunmi Aloba is the only one who can decide whether or not to move forward with the DNA test before the singer’s autopsy results are out. By saying, “DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad, so it does not really concern us,” Ojo made her position clear. He wants them to do it because it’s something they want to do, but his dad came out and said he wants DNA because it was one of the tales and distractions they brought up. Sure, no problem! Justice for Mohbad is unrelated to that, though; it’s a family issue.

Iyabo Ojo’s stance is representative of the many who feel that extraneous family disputes should not distract from the search for justice for the late artist.

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