‘It’s Poverty That Will Make You Reject Cosmetic Surgery’ – Khloe

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'It's Poverty That Will Make You Reject Cosmetic Surgery' - Khloe
Oluwabusayo ‘Khloe’ Abiri

Reality TV show star, Oluwabusayo ‘Khloe’ Abiri, has finally addressed her body transformation with cosmetic surgery.

In a chat with Video Jockey, Ehizojie Okoeguale, popularly known as Ehiz, Khloe noted that she was scared when she underwent the surgery.

'It's Poverty That Will Make You Reject Cosmetic Surgery' - Khloe

In a video snippet, she said, “I made up my mind in less than two weeks and I got it done in less than two weeks. I used to think that I would never do it, I don’t even know if I want to do a procedure again because of the pain but it was worth it.

“I was scared. You know that last moment when you want to close your eyes and say ‘I want to know God because I have made some mistakes’ at that moment. But when I woke up, I said ‘can I see my new body?’ When I saw it, I said it was worth the pain.

“As a woman, you have to be confident; if you have the money, please fix your body. I will tell you for a fact because na you know your body. Na poverty dey make people say I no fit do surgery. If you get money you fit do am; no woman wants to see themselves with a big belly.

“Deep down you are sad but you come out confident. When I was flat everywhere, I felt like it was cool; I thought I was the highest in the room. But now, as this my shape be, if I enter a room, I lick all of them.” (sic).

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