“I Was Delighted” – Actress Chioma Akpotha Recounts First Trip To India

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Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha, has taken to social media to share her exhilarating experience during her trip to India. 

"I Was Delighted" - Actress Chioma Akpotha Recounts First Trip To India
Chioma Akpotha

The talented actress revealed that her visit to the vibrant country was exclusively for work purposes, and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Chioma Akpotha, known for her remarkable performances in various Nigerian movies, expressed her delight in a recent Instagram video post. She disclosed that she had the opportunity to explore the enchanting city of Mumbai a few weeks ago, marking her first-ever visit to India.

With a beaming smile, the actress conveyed her sheer joy at being in India and expressed her eagerness to share more details about her remarkable journey, which revolved around work-related engagements.

She stated, “So I had the opportunity to visit India (Mumbai) a few weeks ago. It was my first time, and I was delighted to have been there. It was a work trip, and will soon be sharing details.”

While Chioma Akpotha was captivated by the allure of India, she is not the only Nigerian celebrity to have recently embarked on a journey to the South Asian nation.

Award-winning singer Rema also made his way to India, albeit for different reasons. Nevertheless, Akpotha’s visit was primarily centered around work-related activities, showcasing her commitment and dedication to her craft.

The Nollywood actress has garnered a massive following both in Nigeria and beyond, thanks to her exceptional talent and memorable performances.

Her fans eagerly anticipate the forthcoming details she promised to share about her enriching trip to India, eagerly anticipating insights into her work-related experiences and the cultural immersion she experienced during her stay in Mumbai.

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