“I Am Tried, Love Is Scam” – Toyin Lawani Husband Cries Out

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Segun Wealth, the renowned Nigerian photographer and husband of the famous fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has recently opened up about the state of his relationship in a series of cryptic messages shared on his social media platform.

"I Am Tried, Love Is Scam" - Toyin Lawani Husband Cries Out
In a heartfelt revelation on his Instastory this past Sunday, the talented entertainer expressed his weariness of putting up a façade of a “great” love life to the public eye. Wealth, a masked photographer conveyed that he is tired of hiding his true emotions for the sake of love.

Describing love as both “pain and scam,” he lamented the tremendous efforts he has invested in making his relationship work. The enigmatic photographer expressed his decision to move on, set sail, and focus more on self-improvement, regardless of the opinions and reactions of his fans and admirers.

The emotional post read, “ If crying makes people feel better I will be pure like gold. I am tired I am tired. Love is pain I mean love is a scam. It is just so sad how I always try to be big and hide behind my skin every single time for love’s sake. How much I hear the sound of my blood rushing and how I try to calm my emotions.

“Giving my best for love to work. How I put up that smile in public for a perfect relationship but how long do I really want to do this for? Man is not getting any younger for such. Perfect picture, perfect video all in the eyes of the public and fans but the heart is in ruins. Please do not call me to order I’m broken.

“This is bigger than me that is why it is so difficult to talk about but what choice do I have I created the water and I should be bold enough to swim in it. Since I have made my manly decision to move on, sail, and focus more on myself irrespective of what my fans and lovers would say. We all want love to grow, flourish and succeed because it is not promised to be sweet always.

“This one pain me after masking up all my life now I feel the time is right @deeeunknown unmask yourself and be free like a bird and drink from the deepest spring in a place destiny prepared for me. Facing my Fate.”

"I Am Tried, Love Is Scam" - Toyin Lawani Husband Cries Out  "I Am Tried, Love Is Scam" - Toyin Lawani Husband Cries Out

Segun Wealth and Toyin Lawani’s love story captured the attention of many when they tied the knot in June 2021. Last August, they welcomed their first child, marking another milestone in their journey together. Now, as Segun shares his innermost struggles with the world, fans and followers anxiously await Toyin’s response or clarification on the matter.

The internet is abuzz with conversations surrounding the complexities of love and relationships, as Segun Wealth’s heartfelt post sparks discussions on the challenges faced by public figures in maintaining a picture-perfect image while grappling with personal struggles behind closed doors.

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