How Kuda Bank Got Customer Arrested By Mopol, Teargassed At Their Premises

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How Kuda Bank Got Customer Arrested By Mopol, Teargassed At Their Premises  Kuda Microfinance Bank, a fintech in Nigeria has gotten on the wrong side of the media following an incident involving one of its customers that led to him being assaulted at their premises.

According to Jamotech, who is a brother to the victim, Qudus, the issue started brewing on April 13, 2022, when Qudus transferred a sum of N577,491 from his own Moniepoint POS to his Kuda account and his Kuda account was locked immediately.

Checks by TalkGlitz show that on April 17, 2022, @Ayam_Jamotech contacted Kuda Bank Support in a public tweet stating his complaint. and providing the required information.

Kuda Bank support in a reply to the same Twitter Thread claimed they’re yet to receive a DM regarding the customer’s complaint.

“We’re yet to receive a DM on this complaint. Please send us a message so we can have this looked into.
Thank you.”, Kuda Bank Support replied on Twitter.

Another Twitter user shared a screenshot by the victim had contacted the support via email:

As the issue remained unresolved, Qudus decided to pay Kuda Bank a visit at their Yaba office and that was where it turned into a fiasco.

Qudus’s brother, @Ayam_Jamotech narrated what happened at the Kuda Bank’s office:

So my brother went to
office today at yaba to know the reason why his account was locked and yet not to be opened after dropping his proof to them that it’s a legit money and not fraud money at all. So funny how when he got there this morning. They sent their mopol to arrest him and started harassing him for no reason.

So every young guy money has to be fraud money?? Do they who our father is?? He called me on the phone and I was listening background while they’re harassing him trying to detain him. Please twitter help us do your thing.

However, the high point for many on social media was the state Qudus was left after being harassed by the officers. In one of the recordings, the victim could be heard crying and wailing “water! water!! water!!!” as the security operatives kept dragging him,

See the videos below:

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