How High Unemployment Rate Is Affecting Students’ Commitment Towards Academic Pursuit

How High Unemployment Rate Is Affecting Students' Commitment Towards Academic Pursuit
How Rate Is Affecting Students Commitment Towards Academic Pursuit

The rate of in today’s society is alarming and a concern to many especially students who are writing their undergraduate projects. The rate of unemployment is prevalence in developing countries and because of this, undergraduates are scared and unsure about what the future holds for them seeing the multitude that are yet to be employed or have anything doing.

The thought of this alone have greatly affected the passion of students towards studying and even furthering their education. The zeal to study is gradually fading away. Most undergraduate students just go to school to either please their family or the society. Some even go to school just to fulfill all righteousness but has absolutely nothing to do with their choice or desire and that the reason for many drop outs and low grades in school.

The reality of today as seen is that most millionaires and business tycoons are not graduates and this fact discourages the younger ones who want to go to school to better their lives and make positive contributions to the society. But unfortunately, most of these dreams are killed by the rate on unemployed graduate in the country thereby discouraging others.


The unemployment rate is a useful measure of the underutilization of the labour supply. It reflects the inability of an economy to generate employment for those persons who want to work but are not doing so, even though they are available for employment and actively seeking work. Unemployment refers to the share of the labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment.

How Undergraduates are affected

Unemployment has greatly affected students’ commitment towards academic pursuit in the sense that when they hear and read about the rate of unemployment in the society, it makes them feel as though they are wasting their time studying since its obvious the society has nothing for them.

Most undergraduates feel there is no need to study hard since there won’t be an opportunity for them to practice what they studied. however, this can affect greatly on their academic performance and commitment to be the best in their field of study.

Therefore, the motivation to study will no longer be there which eventually will lead to poor academic performance and negligence towards academic pursuit. These has got some youths saying “school na scam”. Meaning there is nothing for the graduate who has gone through a lot to study with the purpose of impacting his/her world positively.

It is disheartening and heart breaking to spend such years in schooling only to come out and be unemployed for years. However, undergraduate students must understand that studying or going to school isn’t a total waste of time and effort because you never can tell when an opportunity will come calling and the only gateway to grasping such an opportunity is your educational qualification. So imagine when you are not educated or a graduate, you automatically lose such an opportunity.

More so, for those who would want to go into business, also needs education because it will give them an edge over their illiterate competitors. Education is light and it will help you with knowledge on how to package your products and services which an illiterate won’t do because he/she isn’t educated.


Conclusively, unemployment has corrupted the minds of undergraduate students who initial desire and dreams is to be highly educated and graduate with good grades. But the unemployment rate in the country is a weakening factor and a discouragement to many.

There is an urgent call to the government to provide more jobs opportunities for graduate as this will serve as a motivation for them to study well and see the good reasons for been educated.

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