House Of Reps Urges NLC To Suspend Planned Protest, Embrace Dialogue

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The Nigerian House of Representatives has called on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend its scheduled nationwide mass protests, which were set to begin today, Wednesday.
House Of Reps Urges NLC To Suspend Planned Protest, Embrace Dialogue
The protests were announced by the NLC in response to what they claim are detrimental government policies causing immense hardships for Nigerians. The union had engaged in negotiations with representatives of the federal government, but unfortunately, the discussions ended in a deadlock.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the House of Representatives empathized with Nigerians, acknowledging the difficulties they face due to the recent removal of fuel subsidies.

As the representatives of the people, the House recognized the NLC’s right to conduct peaceful protests to advocate for relief for Nigerian workers during these trying times. Nevertheless, they emphasized the importance of dialogue and urged the NLC to reconsider their decision to protest.

The House of Representatives emphasized that building a progressive and prosperous nation sometimes requires difficult and far-reaching decisions that are taken in the collective interest of the citizens. They saw merit in the federal government’s initiative to take bold actions in pursuit of long-term economic growth and stability.

However, the lawmakers stressed the necessity of promptly implementing palliative measures to ease the burden on the populace. They called on the executive branch to accelerate the implementation of the measures announced by President Bola Tinubu on Monday and to consider additional measures that can provide immediate respite to the people.

“The gap between the removal of fuel subsidy and the tangible outcomes of palliative measures must be shortened for the sake of the poor and vulnerable Nigerians,” the House stated.

In their appeal to the NLC and its affiliate unions, the House of Representatives urged them to redirect their efforts toward continuous engagement with the federal government. The goal is to swiftly resolve the issues at hand through constructive dialogue, avoiding any actions that could lead to an economic shutdown and exacerbate the challenges faced by Nigerians.

“The present moment calls for continuous dialogue as a means of achieving the best interest of hardworking Nigerian workers, without exacerbating the current hardships they are facing,” the lawmakers emphasized.

The House of Representatives call for the suspension of the planned protests is aimed at finding an amicable solution to the challenges Nigerians are facing. They believe that dialogue remains the most viable path to resolve the existing issues and pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.

As the nation waits to see how the situation unfolds, Nigerians hope that both the NLC and the federal government will engage in constructive talks, prioritizing the well-being of the people and seeking common ground to address the economic hardships.

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