Hennessy Artistry Cypher vs Martell Cypher

Is this more than cyphers, could it be a battle of cognac big houses, either way we are blessed with amazing cyphers.

Hennessy artistry has been around for a decade, and they’ve helped a lot of young rappers with the VS classes and top of the list is blaqbones who eventually switched sides.

Martell cypher 2 dropped and its called the purification featuring dope priests ( LOOSE KAYNON, AQ, MI AND BLAQ BONEZ) from the reviews it has gotten, the purification process is complete because every single one of them showed what hip hop is and what hip hop is missing and if your fav rapper don’t come close to what these guys dropped then he’s cancelled.

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A lot of shots was flying probably because all of them had something to prove, BLAQ BONEZ had to prove his best rapper in Africa slogan isn’t a hoax, AQ had to prove he deserves some respect for the work he put in the rap game, MI had to prove…. (he doesn’t have to prove anything), LOOSE KAYNON had to prove he’s actually a dope rapper and feeding off Mr Incredible’s fame. They all came strapped and they delivered good.

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Who had the best verse had been a huge debate among hip hop heads, they all came strong and delivered, so upon further review that will be discussed. But something we know for sure in the war of cognac cyphers MARTELL took this one

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