Gov Uzodinma Offers Amnesty To Gunmen Terrorising Imo

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In response to the escalating security crisis in Imo State, Governor Hope Uzodinma has extended an olive branch to gunmen terrorizing residents offering amnesty and a chance for rehabilitation if they repent and surrender their weapons to traditional rulers.

Gov Uzodinma Offers Amnesty To Gunmen Terrorising Imo
Governor Hope Uzodimma

The announcement was made during a meeting with traditional rulers and community leaders at a palace in Owerri on Saturday.

Addressing the gathering, Governor Uzodinma emphasized the government’s willingness to embrace those who are willing to renounce violence and give up their arms. “I have given an opportunity for bad boys (in the state) who are repentant and willing to surrender their guns, to go to their traditional rulers, surrender their guns. We will grant them pardon. We will even rehabilitate them and make them earn a living for themselves,” he stated.

Imo State, like other states in Nigeria’s southeast region, has witnessed a disturbing surge in armed attacks in recent times. The attacks have targeted security agencies, government officials, and public facilities, resulting in the tragic loss of hundreds of lives, including traditional rulers and government officials.

While the Nigerian government has pointed fingers at the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for being responsible for these deadly attacks, the group has consistently denied any involvement in the violence.

IPOB is known for its relentless agitation for the creation of an independent state of Biafra, to be carved out of the South-east and some parts of South-south Nigeria.

Governor Uzodinma’s offer of amnesty comes as part of the government’s effort to seek a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis and restore security in the state.

By providing a pathway for gunmen to relinquish their arms, the state government aims to reintegrate former militants into society, fostering a conducive environment for rehabilitation and reformation.

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