France Prime Minister, Entire Government Resign

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France Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, and his entire government have submitted their resignation letter to President Emmanuel Macron.

France Prime Minister, Entire Government Resign
France Prime Minister, Entire Government Resign

In a statement, Macron’s office said Philippe had handed in the resignation of the government, but that the current cabinet would remain in charge of governmental affairs until a new team was put in place.

In France, the president — the main political figure — selects the prime minister, who then forms the government.

As such, the resignation paves the way for a cabinet reshuffle.

Al Jazeera reports that No reason was given in the short statement issued on Friday, but a cabinet shuffle had been widely expected after Macron promised to chart a new course for the last two years of his term.

In French government reshuffles, the prime minister tenders his or her resignation before cabinet appointments but can still be renamed to the position.

It was not immediately clear whether Philippe would be called upon to form the new government.

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