Elon Musk Under Air Force Investigation For Smoking Weed In Podcast

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Elon Musk under investigation for smoking weed

World-renowned business magnate and investor, is reportedly under the surveillance of the after a podcast video where the PayPal co-founder was captured smoking weed got through the internet.

Musk’s SpaceX provides services for the Air Force, with multiple high-value contracts. According to , constitutionally, the use of Mari~juana is prohibited for someone with a government security clearance and it has become the central issue in the Air Force’s inquiry.

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CNBC also corroborated in a statement made available by an Air Force spokesperson saying: “We will need time to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation.”

On Thursday evening, Musk smoked marijuana and sipped whiskey during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast — fueling concerns about his recreational drug use. He discussed a wide range of topics including his tweeting behavior, his Boring Co.’s flamethrowers, and “neuralink” devices that could connect brains to computers.

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The weed could be the smoking gun showing Musk violated his company’s policy. One could argue Musk was representing Tesla as its CEO during the interview. By imbibing alcohol and marijuana, he was “under the influence” while at work.

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