Digital Skills Development To Improve Youth Employment In Nigeria

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To start with, what does digital skill imply? Digital skill is any skill related to being digitally literate. Anything from the ability to find out your high score on SubWay Surfers to coding website counts as a digital skill.

The term being digitally literate means the ability to find, evaluate, utilise, share and create content using information technologies and the internet.

There are various skills our youths can find enjoying to learn since it can guarantee them of securing a job and making legal money via the internet from home.

Nigerian youths are blind to the extent of using two walking sticks at a time as what they know to earn a reputable income is via engaging in Yahoo-Yahoo.

There are some jobs that require which our youths can really make money from.
Different job search websites indeed have listed HTML5, iOS, Andriod and Mobile App as the fastest growing keywords found in an online post for jobs.

Coding is a job related to all of these keywords, and it is evidently an industry that is booming, but it is not the only job that requires digital skills. Marketing, Customer Service, Retail, Managing, Writing and Selling are all of those jobs could well require digital skills.

More and more tech companies are coming to realise that a company full of specialists is not an ideal situation. It is more important than ever that new employees are cross-disciplined.

This list covers 5 of the top digital skills employers in the tech sector are looking for today.

1. Programming and Web Development

At the tiny sprout of any tech product or digital service is coding. The core languages that most coding positions need include Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.

Having a website or a portfolio of the list of a project demonstrating your coding skills can also help to validate your knowledge and expertise and help you gain grounds in your dream role. Examples of mobile and responsive web development experience will give you an edge over other candidates who want to get the same job.

2. App Development

With numerous big companies creating their own proprietary apps and many start-ups centered on app development, any experience in putting apps together is very desirable.

The fact that it combines elements of Programming and Web Development is an additional advantage.

3. Digital Design

Websites, Apps and Digital Services have one thing in common; a user interface. Any designer with experience creating effective, dynamic user experiences will be in high demand with most tech companies.

This is what gives our blog an edge over competitors- Digital design.

4. Digital Marketing

To promote their newest products and services, local and international tech companies will dive into digital marketing.
Understanding of how to get the most value for money out of the broadest range of networks will be key here.
5. Social Media

Today’s PR is carried out almost exclusively through social media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and countless many other platforms give tech companies direct access to clients, customers, thought leaders and evangelists which will eventually convert into sales of the product being promoted.

The best Tech PR managers are Social Media managers:

It is safe to assume that almost all jobs will require some level digital skills. Even if they do not, it is wise for job seekers in particular, our youths to insure themselves against the rising need for digital skills in the workplace to thrive.

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