Developing The Modern Youths Of Nigeria


Developing The Modern Youths Of Nigeria

In today’s complex world, where uncertainty and violence become the order of the day, people throughout the world are faced with different issues ranging from unemployment, hunger, human trafficking, prostitution, unwanted pregnancies, sexual abuse issues and insecurity.

Our youth cannot be expected to grow and thrive by chance- They are the future of the Nigeria as a nation. Across the world, every nation does everything to engage the youth positively and to prepare them to take their country ahead in the global market. I don’t know why Nigeria is an exception?
Youth development is fundamental to the development of our country.

The youths are the leaders of tomorrow, so their development is crucial for the future of our country and our collective future. Our leaders (Government) must begin to put special focus on youth development to guarantee our future.

One of the first things we must address is education. Our youths must be educated to be able to meet up with challenges of this century. The lack of education is one of the fundamental problems our nation is facing- They are not able to think through problems and provide solutions to better their lives. Finding solutions to problems is universally the way to make money or create employment.

Beyond attending schools for paper qualification, our system must be able to provide skill opportunities in tailoring, catering, brick layering, carpentry and other types of occupations to develop them and provide necessary employment opportunities. If this is done, the days of unemployment will become something of the past in quick time. No one has to wait for years to gain employment.
Also, the Government should provide good leadership so the youths can learn. We learn a lot from the things we see you do, so it is imperative for you to provide us with good leadership and lead us by example for us to follow.

In an era where making easy money through internet frauds- YAHOO YAHOO, seems to be on the mind of many young people, providing good leadership will help to mould our youths and provide sustainable development.

Finally, I personally, will like to recommend that the States should provide incentives for students who excel in various subjects, as this helps to boost their morale to put more effort and do extra.
I hope some of the recommendation would be looked at and together we can help to develop the youths of Nigeria for a better and brighter future.

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