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Cynthia Morgan Revisits Our Speakers As Madrina With ‘Billion Dollar Woman’

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cynthia morgan madrina billion dollar woman

Not really cool to go off for a while in Nigeria music scene because, you know, alot of upcoming acts out there. Right now the gone revisit our speakers but now as .

The loving Kingston Property pops out after a long while and still looks set to retain her spot if she assures more quality and consistency this time around. Billion Dollar Woman’ is a real rendition love song that is mostly centered for women out there.

Madrina Billion Dollar Woman mp3 download

Cynthia oh sorry Madrina vibes still intact, you know her baddest intro fuxx it up she came in with the power and chanted just once
‘watch it! riginal! You already know Chuck it’
then she slows down and tapped on to the hook of the song and sang on beautiful ‘On and on, he keeps calling my phone, what do you want from me?’ as the music rides through you get the message the song is passing with a attention paying ear.

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Billion Dollar Woman‘ is talking about women out there that get their hearts broken by guys but with a powerful mind asking the guy not to come close any longer that she hates guy that hurts and lies. A love song with the other side.

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cynthia morgan madrina billion dollar woman
Madrina – (cover art) | Instagram

She describes herself as a game changer apart from changing her stage name from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina a little bit changed about her vibe. She now does a mid tempo sound that’s not the full gangster property shii anymore on her last song too that was not well hyped she did same mid tempo sound.

Tony Ross still remains the chef to her sound and ‘Billion Dollar Woman’ was well packaged and okay that won’t get you bored while listening, she vibes different and a very rich lyrical content. We wish to see more of Madrina this 2018.

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