Cross Addresses Intimate Moment Controversy

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Cross Addresses Intimate Moment Controversy
Cross and Ilebaye’s Bathroom Encounter Stirs Debate

Tensions are rising in the BBNaijaAllStars house as housemates engage in a heated debate over an intimate moment between Cross and Ilebaye. The controversy took a new turn when CeeC accused Ilebaye of initiating the kiss in the bathroom, sparking a flurry of discussions among the housemates.

CeeC, known for her frankness, didn’t hold back as she addressed the issue with Seyi and Venita. According to her, Ilebaye’s history of approaching male housemates was the reason behind her accusation. “Ilebaye chose to enter the bathroom naked with Cross, knowing that he was tipsy,” CeeC revealed during their conversation. She also disclosed that Cross had asked her to shower together, but she declined the offer due to his tipsy state. “It would’ve been something I’d expect him to do if it were me,” she asserted.

However, Cross had a different account of the incident when he discussed it with Venita. Taking responsibility for the kiss, Cross admitted that he was the one who initiated the intimate moment. “I was tipsy, she was tipsy, and someone is in front of me, looking sexy, and my ‘ashewo’-ness comes out, and I kiss the person,” he casually stated. He clarified that Ilebaye did not initiate the kiss; it was his own doing.

Surprisingly, Cross seems to be puzzled by the uproar among the other housemates over the incident. “The House is supposed to be fun, and I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to them,” he expressed with a hint of confusion.

The atmosphere in the house has become increasingly charged as different housemates take sides on the matter. Some have thrown their support behind Cross, emphasizing that the incident was a simple and harmless display of affection. On the other hand, there are those who share CeeC’s concerns and are urging a more cautious approach in the house.

As the drama unfolds, viewers and fans of the show are eagerly anticipating how this controversy will impact the dynamics among the housemates. Will it lead to new alliances or deepen existing rivalries? Only time will tell as the BBNaijaAllStars saga continues to captivate audiences across the nation.

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