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Crap On My Face And Call It Hip Hop

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Vector and MI
Vector and MI || AprokoCity

I woke up fvcked up and lazy with no particular chore to do I grab my headphones and I went into the rap realm. Halfway through a Nasty c song and I realised the South-African folks are decades ahead of us when it comes to hiphop. I’m about to say some disrespectful stuff and I hope it hurt everyone involved.

First, how did we move from Mode 9 to Olamide? The fact that Olamide has the guts to claim he’s the best rapper is a slap on every rapper’s face. It’s one of the saddest moments for Nigerian hiphop, more like we went from Man U to Charlton. I remember mode9(do y’all remember modo) he was like our PAC and biggie all rolled in one and he was damn good , Olamide is like substandard, less talented, African-version of 50 Cent. No disrespect to 50, Olamide is a great artiste but he is no rapper.

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Second, is the b!tch-a$$ move of our rappers. How the f*** can a genre be better if we not consistent? It’s not just about making money it’s about making a mark. We see our MC crap on our faces and call it music. I wish I could meet Vector and tell him that Lafiaji track is the worst thing I’ve heard in the last 22yrs and I’m 23″. Vector is good, I repeat vector is good but he listens to Cassper, Nasty, AKA… he hears the new school sh!t these guys are making, so what the fvck is he doing? “My man Cassper, that Jabulani track is on another level of dop*”

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Third, MI is overrated, yea you read that right. You know how Nigerians talk about how Jay Jay taught Ronaldinho it’s sorta like the same overrated hype with MI. We’ve seen him bodied by youngsters, I mean these guys put him in a body bag, Phenom did it, Yung6ix, Khaligraph Jones did it effortlessly and truth be told Mi wasn’t holding back he was at his best and this dude is Naija Jay Z (we fvcked).

And he talked about rappers being free not to be boxed, that’s the realest track he has done in years . but being boxed means you deserving to be in that category but honestly all these Nigeria square rappers ain’t even dope enough to be boxed. You are all whack and that best rapper sh!t/list of the best 10 y’all cry about ain’t sh!t since y’all don’t do sh!t.

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  1. Hip hop is dead in Nigeria. Are just knowing that. Make we move on jhoor

  2. Ivam strange Reply

    U must not write a post if u don’t have anything to say…to prove to u he useless wat u wrote is, this is just the second comment in 2 years… If u re nt a rapper pls don’t write stupid stuffs like this mbok

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