Comedian, AY Tries To Rub In Hushpuppi But He Got This Epic Clapback

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AY Comedian

Hushpuppi Ray, also known as the Gucci Man, and influential Spender has ridiculed popular comedian, AY in an Instagram post following an attempt by the latter to make a joke out of him.

AY Comedian shared a photo of himself rocking a Gucci bag and he thought to call out flamboyant Nigerian, Hushpuppi in his caption that reads, ‘@hushpuppi i am so impressed that everyone trust your judgement on the Gucci brand that started in Florence in 1921 even before your own father was born….. oya come and confirm my own make me too rest’.

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Hushpuppi Ray Yahoo Boy

It became obvious AY played the penalty to throw in when Hushpuppi responded swiftly by creating his own post with the caption; ‘as my personality isnt for everyone, so is my response’

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