China Pledges Stronger Economic Cooperation With Nigeria

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In a bid to strengthen economic ties with Africa, Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged increased cooperation with Nigeria, emphasizing the country’s significance to the African continent and the world.

China Pledges Stronger Economic Cooperation With Nigeria  The Chinese president spoke through Peng Qinghua, his special envoy and vice chairperson, a standing committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the People’s Republic of China, who met with President Bola Tinubu at the State House, Abuja on Wednesday.

Accompanying Peng Qinghua was Cui Jinachun, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, and Zhang Yi, the Minister-Counselor.

During the meeting, Qinghua highlighted the positive bilateral relations and existing economic cooperation between the two countries.

He commended the successful involvement of Chinese companies in various sectors of Nigeria’s economy, including railways, roads, hydropower, and free trade zones.

While expressing admiration for President Tinubu’s vision to lead Nigeria into a new era of economic development and prosperity, the Chinese envoy also identified areas where Nigeria could benefit from further collaboration with China.

Qinghua encouraged the exchange of ideas and alignment of strategies between the two nations, urging President Tinubu to create a more conducive environment for investment.

In response, President Tinubu reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to fostering constructive partnerships and opening its doors to foreign investment. He emphasized that Nigeria is ready to engage in business with any country willing to do the same.

Tinubu assured the Chinese delegation that his administration would prioritize the promotion of an enabling environment for business operations.

“We are fully prepared to accelerate our growth and engage in honest business with nations willing to cooperate with us,” Tinubu affirmed.

“Furthermore, we remain dedicated to advancing democracy in the West African sub-region. As a firm advocate of democracy, I will tirelessly work to uphold democratic principles.”

President Tinubu also emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to combating terrorism and all forms of criminality, expressing a willingness to learn from other nations while maintaining a non-aligned stance.

The meeting between the Chinese delegation and President Tinubu signifies the growing importance of Nigeria as a strategic partner for China. The envisioned increase in economic cooperation is expected to foster mutual development and create new avenues for business engagement between the two nations.

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