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BUZZ: Wild Reactions Trail Steve Harvey’s Shirtless Photo

 Wild Reactions Trail Steve Harvey's Shirtless Photo
Wild Reactions Trail Steve Harvey’s Shirtless Photo

Steve Harvey just became grist for the gossip mill as his name started trending on Twitter. As thousands of people wondered why the comedian who hosts ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’, ‘Family Feud’ and ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ suddenly became the center of attention, the reason turned to be as bizarre as can be.

No, it wasn’t a new clip from his show or an appreciation trend for his cool beige-colored or mustard suits. Apparently, fans were thirsting for his shirtless pictures that started floating on the micro-blogging site. While we can’t put a finger on which pictures exactly started doing the rounds, his topless photos that were a part of his “Take Your Shirt Off” campaign to promote weight loss and healthy lifestyle in 2008 keep resurfacing on social media.

Recently, the 63-year-old opened up about getting back to work after the pandemic. “I’m so happy to see these people. Y’all, I’ve been in quarantine since March. It’s a blessing to be working, so I’m happy. I like seeing all these people around here because I was tired of talking in my house, and I’ve been talking to the same person for five months,” he told Entertainment Tonight. Well, suddenly the six-time Daytime Emmy Award winner seems to be the new thirst on Twitter.

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While many are lusting after his pictures, others can’t stop wondering why they picked him out of nowhere. “Now why is a shirtless Steve Harvey on my tl!? I’m going back to Tumblr!” one fan posted. Another said, “Why is shirtless Steve Harvey on my timeline??” and one replied: “The question is: does he look good? I already saw he got a moose knuckle and I’m mildly intrigued.” One Twitter user, meanwhile, said, “If I see that shirtless Steve Harvey picture one more time imma have nightmares. Y’all play ENTIRELY too much.”

“Wait wait… THAT IS WHY YALL TALKING ABOUT STEVE HARVEY. Y’all need to go outside or something. #wearamask,” one Twitter user joked. Another said, “I leave Twitter for a few weeks and come back to find it thirsting over Steve Harvey. I’ll see y’all in a few more weeks I guess.” One even went on to say: “Y’all like ‘Twitter’s thirsting over Steve Harvey.’ I’m like, ‘Where the f**k do y’all be hanging out on Twitter, man?’ This is like the umpteenth weird COVID-horny Twitter trend this year.”

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Well, all we know is that a tweet shared a couple of days ago by @miffedtweeted could have attracted attention. “I do not know why I did this,” one tweet read. Replying to that tweet, one said, “This is making me laugh so hard, I used to think these pictures were the funniest thing in the world, it was so good to see them on the feed again.” Another Twitter user posted, “Lol. When I searched for them earlier I found out there are a lot more pictures of Steve Harvey shirtless than I remembered. a beacon of hope in these dark times.”

With the pandemic going on for several months now, it seems people really need to get back to their jobs — or perhaps, pick up a new hobby — don’t they? We’ve had enough weird viral stories this year. Sigh!

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– MEA WorldWide (MEAWW)

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