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Bride Refuses To Smile As Husband Sprays Her Money [VIDEO]

A video of a couple is currently trending on social media and has generated quite a number of reactions as it seemed awkwardly unexplainable to many.

In this video, the groom is seen spraying the bride who seemed unmoved but static.

See the video below:


aminatatolagbe: The bride doesn’t want the wedding and the groom doesn’t care that she doesn’t want. That is to say… we die there

naomiplussizeclothing: He will spray her till she smiles…. God knows I won’t make shishi if na me😂😂😂

tonia_nneji: If only you all knew it was a cultural thing amongst the ijaws, you all won’t be projecting hatred without getting facts. She will smile when she’s satisfied with the amount of money her husband to be sprays her. This is how it is done in their culture

daevon_crafts: Ijaw tradition will humble you. The longer you frown, the more money you get. It’s a beautiful experience I must say. Las las you can give your husband small😄

emperoralase: She caught the husband cheating but her family insisted the wedding must go on as planned

eeflat: I no sabi smile and I sabi stand straight… na person way go shower me with money remain… God when 😂😂

albaarizy01: Justice for the bride abeg! She doesn’t want the marriage

The motive behind it

Apparently, it turned out to be a tradition among the Ijaws that the bride will continue to maintain a straight face while the groom sprays her. The moment she loses it to laugh or make any funny expression, he stops spraying.

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