Blackface Naija – African Queen

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Blackface Naija - African Queen

African Queen

Song by Blackface Naija
Produced by Nelson Brown
Released: 7 September 2019

Blackface Naija apparently isn’t ready to put things to rest with 2face Idibia as he steps out with his own “African Queen” version after fifteen years.

After the fallout of the Plantashun Boiz, 2face came out solo to release African queen back in 2004 and Blackface Naija laid claims to owning the song. The two had reconciled and fell out on different occasions and at the moment, Blackface Naija still isn’t having it good with 2face.

Fans believe Blackface Naija ought to have gotten over this situation and there was no need of releasing the song. Here are some other reactions on Twitter:

But according to Blackface Naija, late or not, he only released the song 2face Idibia stole from him.

In his own words, which he posted a day before the release of the song, he said:

Finally, my #version of #africanqueen will soon be available on all platforms worldwide…just to clear the air again …I gave the initial singer the right to sing the song but I never got credited as a writer by the label that released it nor any acknowledgement from the singer while the song did so many numbers and won many awards since 2003/4 till date

The singer included a third verse he wrote to the music when it was produced by OJB but I took that verse out and included the third I had written to make this version of mine totally written by self. I can’t wait for you all to feel this one produced
By @hookmrbrown for #Loudhouz #releasedates #loading #BFNfans

Plantashun Boiz comprised of 2face, Blackface and Faze – the trio made huge waves in the late 90s and early 2000s as one of the prominent group artists in Nigeria. They had hit tracks like “You and I”, “Knock Me Off” and “Don’t You Know”.


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    The first time I had blackface saying 2 face stole his song African queen.was very angry with 2 face because 2 face is my mentor.i was so dismay .I was like why will 2 face do dat he have the talent. So today I decided to download the Blackface version. Believe me blackface issa fool.i guess 2 face knw he was going to spoil the song that’s why he help him.please dont compare urself with 2 face again. 2 face is far far beta dan you

  2. Joe pizy wakili is an illiterate he doesn’t know anything, in my dialect we call his type ugbodu

  3. blackfaze u are good…bt u ave to let go ur anger on 2face coz I believe u can still make it

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