Blackface Insists He Deserves Credit For “Asake’s Joha,” Gives Reasons [Video]

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Nigerian singer, Blackface, has expressed his belief that he deserves recognition for Asake’s song, “Joha”.

Blackface Insists He Deserves Credit For "Asake's Joha," Gives Reasons [Video]  In a recent interview, he claimed that some of his lyrics were used in the song and stated that it should have been a collaboration between him and Asake.

He pointed out that if only Olamide, the record label boss of Asake, had approached him, they could have worked together on the song.

Blackface was surprised to hear his own lyrics when he first listened to “Joha”. He emphasized that his intention was not to discredit Asake but to receive credit for his work. He mentioned that he had already released the song in an album in 2020 and feels that he should have been a part of the “Joha” remix.

He said, “The first thing I noticed when I heard the song was my own line. I had already released that song in an album in 2020. It’s about giving credit where it’s due, and I’m not trying to bring anyone down. I think they’re doing it unconsciously. I believe I should have been on Asake’s ‘Joha’ as a remix if Olamide had reached out.”

Listen to him…

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