Bill Seeking To Scrap NSCDC Passes First Reading In House Of Reps

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The bill was read on the floor of the Green Chamber during Tuesday’s plenary.

Bill Seeking To Scrap NSCDC Passes First Reading In House Of Reps
Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps

The sponsor of the bill, Shina Peller, said the proposed legislation seeks to repeal the National Security and Civil Defence Corps (Amendment) Act 2007.

The bill also seeks to establish a transition management committee to superintend over the NSCDC, develop regulations and implement procedures for the transfer of assets and personnel of the corps to the Nigeria Police Force, and other related matters.

Peller argued that the fragmentation of security resources across multiple competing agencies was counterproductive.

He added that the functions of the NSCDC are conflict with the statutory duties of the Nigeria Police Force.

Every single function of the NSCDC can be done or is being done by the Nigeria Police Force,” he said.


Noting that the development has led to the “waste of scarce resources”, Peller observed that the annual budget of the NSCDC is almost N100 billion.

The assets and personnel of the NSCDC will be absorbed by the Nigeria Police. So, no loss of jobs,” he added.

Established by an Act in 2007, the NSCDC was mandated to assist in maintaining peace and order, as well as protecting the civil population during periods of emergency, among several other duties.


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