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Big Brother Naija Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye): Meet The Housemates

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Season 6
Shine Ya Eye Season 6

Season 6 of reality TV show just kicked off, despite a slight delay due to logistics, the opening show started at 7:30 pm as against the 7:00 pm schedule.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu opens the floor as he unveils the tag of this season as “Shine Ya Eye”. In other words, it’ll be BBNaiija Shine Ya Eye this season

Taking us through the house, two washing machines could be seen placed in the garden – an improvisation from previous seasons. Also, the house is a duplex.

Ebuka introduces the first housemate, Boma


Boma BBNaija

A footballer, model who grew up in Yaba, Lagos. He’s travelled to over 20 countries, searching for greener pastures. A slight injury made his lost an opportunity in professional football. Boma also claimed he could have been signed to BenFica if not for his age, ’cause he was already 29 then.

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Saga BBNaija

Next housemate, Okusaga… SAGA for short

Saga is a Lagosian who thinks he’s a woman-wrapper. He can also be childish sometimes

Boma and Saga are doing a walk around the house


Yousef BBNaija

Yousef, the third housemate to be introduced to the house is a 29-year-old teacher and model.

The J-town rep says he’s all about the entertainment and he’ll be soul-searching.

He teaches Basic Technology in a Junior school. His mission is the 90 million and standing on the stage, he already feels like a winner.


Pere BBNaija

He is an actor and works on the side in real estate. He’s bringing in drama and adventure.

The four housemates are already gisting and they seem pleased to meet each other.

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8:07 PM: No female has been introduced yet, okay….

LadiPoe makes an appearance as the first artist to perform up-close in Season 6

8:14 PM: LadiPoe has just finished performing his hit song, “Feeling”


Whitemoney BBNaija

a businessman who believes entertainment has always been a part of him. He loves to put smiles on people’s faces. He says he’s like water, and water is indispensable. So he cannot fight with anyone.


Niyi BBNaija

A 34-yr-old from Oyo state, who loves to have a real conversation. He’s happily married with a kid. He’s 6.6ft tall and he used to play basketball but sustained an injury that laid him back from the game. He has a business outfit in Capetown, South Africa.


Yerins BBNaija

A 27-yr-old medical doctor who is also a musician. He says he’s bringing in creativity and originality. He says he likes food a lot. Yerins says he’s like to be seen as a polymath as he is knowledgeable in many areas that might interest people.

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29-yr-old from Calabar, Crossriver. Just like Buhari, he belongs to nobody, he belongs to everybody. He’s a complete entertainer – he films, acts. He also owns a tourism entertainment outfit.


Emmanuel BBNaija

From Akwa-Ibom, says he’s very playful. He also says he’d be everywhere. He won Mr Africa and he’s the first Nigerian to achieve that feat.


Sammie BBNaija

An undergraduate studying Guidance & Counselling in ABU Zaira


Cross BBnaija

He loves clubbing and dancing. He intends to bring a lot of sexiness.


The female housemates will be unveiled on Sunday, July 25

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