Bhad Bhabie ft. NLE Choppa – Get Like Me

Bhad Bhabie ft. NLE Choppa - Get Like Me

Get Like Me

Song by 
Featured artist: 
Produced by DMacTooBangin & Pliznaya
Album: Get Like Me
Released: 26 June 2019

“Get Like Me” is a song by 16-year-old rapper and .

This song is produced by Pliznaya and it was released on Jun 26th, 2019.

The song talks primarily about fame and money.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m gettin’ a lot, killin’ your bitches, carotid, gettin’ murdered (Murdered)
You be the judge, show me the verdict
I get my money converted
Bitches be running in circles (Circles)
Feel like I’m running the circuit (Circuit)
Rake me up for the commercial
Bands busting through my birkins (Btich)
Bitch run up on me, get your sh!t smacked up

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