BBNaija’s Vee Arrest Plumber For N150,000 Scam

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Former Big Brother Naija housemate Victoria Adeyele, popularly known as Vee, has taken swift action against a plumber who allegedly deceived her out of a significant sum of money.

BBNaija's Vee Arrest Plumber For N150,000 Scam

The reality star, known for her candidness and no-nonsense attitude, was left outraged after discovering that the plumber had swindled her out of N150,000 while performing a job that should have cost only N20,000.

Vee, took to social media on Wednesday to express her frustration and vowed to ensure that the plumber faced legal consequences for his actions. She shared her dismay at the situation and expressed her disbelief when someone attempted to justify the plumber’s behavior by citing the difficult economic conditions prevailing in the country.

Venting her anger on Twitter, Vee declared, “My plumber scammed me and collected 150k for a 20k job, and one idiot is telling me it’s because ‘everyone is hungry.’ He will eat in jail.”

In a recent update, Vee posted an image on her Twitter handle, revealing that the plumber had been apprehended by security operatives. The photo depicted the plumber in handcuffs, signifying that he had been taken into custody for his alleged fraudulent activities.

Vee accompanied the photo with a strong message, saying, “PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES. And for all of you that were making excuses for this plumber, THIS is your future. When I realized what he was doing, I told him to come to my house this morning. Can you believe he turned off my water again, but THIS time, he used a screwdriver to lock my water completely? HE WILL SLEEP IN JAIL.”

As news of Vee’s actions spread, social media users expressed their support and condemned her stance against the plumber’s alleged wrongdoing.

Many commended her for taking a stand and refusing to let the incident go unnoticed, emphasizing the need for accountability in such cases. While some condemned her saying she should have let go of the matter since the money he scammed her was not that much.

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