BBNaija’s Anto Lecky Reveals Health Condition Behind Sudden Weight Gain

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Big Brother Naija 2019 Star, Munirat Antoinette Lecky, aka Anto Lecky, has recently opened up about the reason behind her noticeable weight gain.

BBNaija's Anto Lecky Reveals Health Condition Behind Sudden Weight Gain
Anto Lecky

Concerned fans took notice of her transformed appearance after she shared photos on her Twitter handle.

The reality star addressed the concerns of her fans in a subsequent tweet, explaining that her weight gain was not a deliberate choice. She revealed that her increased body weight was actually a result of a health condition she has been battling. However, she did not disclose the specific ailment.

Expressing her gratitude for the supportive messages from her fans regarding her weight gain, Anto Lecky stated, “Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my weight gain. While I like it a little, I’m still self-conscious because it was not intentional.

“It’s actually the side effect of a health condition that I’ve been battling. But inshallah, I will be healed soon and going to the gym.”

Anto Lecky’s revelation has sparked discussions among fans and followers, who have expressed their concern and sent well-wishes for her recovery. The reality star’s transparency about her health condition has garnered admiration and support from her dedicated fanbase.

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