#BBNaija: Khloe Calls Out Organizers In An Open Letter Saying She Was Used

Oluwabusayo Abiri Khloe
Oluwabusayomi Abiri (also known as or KokoByKhloe)

Oluwabusayo Abiri popularly known as Khloe of the () Double Wahala season has written an open letter to the organizers of the show expressing how she was used as a scapegoat in the reality show.

According to Koko, she still can’t fathom the reasons for her disqualification alongside, K Brule. She holds a strong believe that the disqualification wasn’t justifiable as she’d seen more of such excesses in the current season and Biggie isn’t making a deal out of it. Popular opinions are placing this on Tacha’s conduct in the house as they deem it overdue for her to have left the house.

Khloe || Instagram

Read the full open letter as written by Khloe on her Instagram:

Dear BIG BROTHER NIGERIA for over a year now I kept asking myself what happened that day me and my sweet @k.brule was disqualified and I still can’t get a perfect answer but yah all claim it’s big brother rules BUT even in my season a lot more happened that’s 100 times worse than that night but nothing was done, Now this season, things has been happening and nothing was done as well.

I just want to know what This show really stand for now cos I can show what I signed,what it says and the rules BUT yah all will say “ it’s big brother house and his rules “ lol

This is called CLOUT cos of voting money . But who am I to say anything ? I’m just Khloe the scapegoat ahahahahahaha
On this day I wanna say @k.brule I’m sorry I allowed us to be a scapegoat and I love you with all my heart pls forgive me
@bittobryan thanks for stating the obvious cos now I can forgive myself and rest cos werey ni everybody.

I know a lot of people will testify to me always saying “it’s a reality show and that means showing your real self” but that would have been justified if I wasn’t disqualified for things that was later done ”even more “ and no action was taken…
Let no one come with the “ you were voted back “ we all know what that was for and what was achieved @antolecky sorry I tried to say it’s fair on us even though I knew it’s called “Used”
Let me stop writing before I spill the tea #DropPen

K Brule BBNaija
K Brule

Some of the housemates also corroborated her opinions:

commented saying; My dear Koko, we’ll be alright. I wish I could truly express myself the way I want. The world will never understand but we go dey okay laslas.

also commented telling Koko to ignore as they will all be good.

K Brule‘s response was quite detailed, he wrote:

Lol baby girl na real scape goat. But dem no be God, I no send dem again just dey hustle my hustle dey go. One day though it will all make sense. I thank God for the lessons I learnt and the friends I made. As for platform make i close mouth. There is nothing to forgive we gave them a show they gave us the middle finger. I love you too. Though we dont speak much and we feel very distance I’ll always be there for you

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