Amazon introduces AR-powered feature that allows you try shoes on virtually

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Amazon introduces AR-powered feature that allows you try shoes on virtually
Amazon try-on shoes feature

Amazon is now letting iOS users virtually try-on shoes, the company announced in a blog post. Amazon customers in the US and Canada are able to try on shoes for various brands including New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, and more.

In this virtual try-on, customers can simply point their camera at their feet and scroll through a variety of shoes to see how they look from different angles. But, the tool can’t be used to determine shoe size. While the new feature is currently available for iOS customers with an iPhone 7 or newer, Amazon confirmed in its blog post that it will be available for Android customers soon.

In 2017, Amazon launched an in-app augmented reality feature that let customers preview how a piece of furniture would look in their space. This approach extended to beauty when customers could try on makeup in the app in a partnership with L’Oréal as well as an AR feature tied to its brick-and-mortar Amazon Salon that let customers see how hairstyles and hair colors look on them before scissors, clippers, and curlers went to work. Other items with try-on features in Amazon’s app include some glasses and Made for You custom-fit T-shirts.

Customers in the US and Canada can scan the QR code on Amazon’s website to try the virtual shoe try-on or search for the term “Virtual Try On” within the Amazon iOS app.

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