Aisha Buhari Reveals President Buhari’s Mental Preparedness and Prioritizes Welfare of Nigerians

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Aisha Buhari, the wife of outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari, has opened up about her husband’s mental preparedness and the challenges he faced during his presidency. In an exclusive interview with, the First Lady expressed her concerns and emphasized the importance of providing assistance to the President when needed.

Aisha Buhari Reveals President Buhari's Mental Preparedness and Prioritizes Welfare of Nigerians
Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari, known for her relentless support of her husband, has always prioritized the welfare of Nigerians. In the interview, she spoke openly about her criticism of decisions that seemed to favor individual interests rather than those of the general public.

During her tenure as First Lady, Aisha Buhari witnessed firsthand the dedication and love Nigerians had for her husband. She highlighted the fact that some decision-makers were unaware of the support base that had propelled him into office.

“I realized that my husband needed help, and as his wife and First Lady, I couldn’t stand idly by,” Aisha Buhari explained. “I strongly believe in protecting the family’s hard-earned reputation and standing up against those who seek personal gain at our expense.”

While acknowledging that President Buhari fulfilled only half of his campaign promises, Aisha Buhari commended his administration’s efforts in tackling insecurity, one of the critical challenges faced by Nigeria. She highlighted the significant progress made under her husband’s leadership.

“Compared to the situation we inherited, he has performed remarkably well,” Aisha Buhari stated. “However, when comparing the initial zeal with which we assumed power, we have achieved approximately 50 percent of our campaign promises. Notably, significant progress has been made in infrastructure development, such as road constructions and bridges.”

Regarding security, the First Lady scored the President 70 percent, attributing most kidnappings to mischievous acts orchestrated by family members.

“I would estimate our performance in security at around 70 percent,” Aisha Buhari said. “We have witnessed a reduction in barricades and roadblocks, but unfortunately, some kidnappings are now perpetrated by family members. There may also be local involvement in insurgency and banditry. Nevertheless, without collaboration, I would confidently say we have achieved 90 percent in terms of security.”

Aisha Buhari assured Nigerians that President Buhari would hand over a unified and intact country. She acknowledged the challenges faced during his tenure but remained optimistic about Nigeria’s future.

“As my husband prepares to step down, I can confidently say that he received Nigeria as a whole and will leave it as a whole,” she asserted.

As the nation anticipates the transition to a new administration, Aisha Buhari’s insights provide valuable perspective on President Buhari’s tenure and the challenges faced by Nigeria during this period.

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