Agege Local Government Implements Relief Measures to Ease Economic Hardship

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Agege Local Government Implements Relief Measures to Ease Economic Hardship
Agege Local Government Reduces Workdays and Levies

In a bid to address the economic challenges faced by workers and residents within its jurisdiction, the Agege Local Government Area (LGA) of Lagos State has announced a series of measures aimed at providing relief and support. The Council Chairman, Chief Ganiyu Egunjobi, declared these measures in a statement released from the heart of Agege.

Acknowledging the repercussions of the recent withdrawal of subsidies by the Federal Government, Chairman Egunjobi highlighted the impact it has had on the livelihoods of individuals in the area. He stated, “Our staff members and local residents have not been immune to the prevailing economic hardships that have arisen due to the removal of oil subsidies by the government.”

The move to reduce the number of working days from the usual five to three was a significant step taken by the Council to mitigate the financial burden faced by the workers. This adjustment was implemented through a carefully designed roster system. The reduction in working days aims to curtail the daily transportation expenses incurred by employees. In light of escalating transportation fares, this change is expected to provide substantial financial relief to workers.

However, the departments of Health and Environment are exceptions to this new arrangement, as staff members in these sectors are required to remain present on regular working days to ensure the continuity of essential services.

Moreover, the Council has taken proactive steps to alleviate the financial pressure on local traders and residents by lowering the levies imposed on them. This reduction is part of the Council’s commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting economic resilience within the community.

To address the transportation concerns of the workers, Chairman Egunjobi directed the deployment of the four school shuttle buses usually used to transport students. Since schools are currently on holiday, these buses will be repurposed to provide free transportation services for workers to commute to and from their places of work. This innovative approach is expected to lessen the financial strain on employees, thereby fostering a more conducive work environment.

Chairman Egunjobi emphasized that these measures were introduced in recognition of the challenges posed by the removal of subsidies and the subsequent economic ripple effects. He affirmed the Council’s dedication to providing solace and support to the staff, residents, and businesses within the Agege LGA.

As the Agege Local Government takes these proactive steps to alleviate economic hardships, its commitment to the welfare of the community remains unwavering. The chairman’s visionary approach in repurposing resources for the benefit of the workers highlights the Council’s responsiveness to the evolving needs of its constituents.

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