Acting IGP Directs Enhanced Security Measures Amidst Niger Republic Border Closure

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Acting IGP Directs Enhanced Security Measures Amidst Niger Republic Border Closure
Acting IGP Urges Unified Security Approach

In response to the recent closure of the border with Niger Republic, the Acting Inspector-General of Police (Ag IGP), Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun, has issued a directive urging enhanced collaboration between law enforcement agencies in border states and their counterparts in neighboring Niger Republic. This effort aims to prevent any potential internal security challenges that might arise as a consequence of the border closure due to the political turmoil in Niger.

Ag IGP Egbetokun made this announcement during the monthly meeting of Strategic Police Managers held in August. The forum serves as a platform for police strategic communication and interaction to discuss the prevailing security situation across the country.

As part of the directive, all Commissioners of Police, as well as Assistant Inspectors-General of Police (AIGs) in border states that share a boundary with Niger Republic, have been tasked with coordinating closely with sister agencies operating at the border. The primary objective is to maintain stability and safeguard internal security amidst the escalating tensions resulting from the border closure.

The Nigeria Police Force, under the leadership of Ag IGP Egbetokun, has pledged its commitment to vigilantly monitor developments in these border regions. This proactive approach ensures the deployment of adequate personnel to address any emergent security concerns effectively.

Currently, seven states, including Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, and Borno, share a border with Niger Republic. The recent border closure was prompted by an ECOWAS ultimatum issued to the military junta responsible for overthrowing the democratically elected government of President Mohammed Bazoum. The resultant political unrest has ignited tensions within these border areas.

Furthermore, during the meeting, Ag IGP Egbetokun addressed the proliferation of arms within the country, which has raised concerns about national security. He disclosed that the issuance of licenses for private individuals to possess firearms has been temporarily suspended. This decision comes as a response to the urgent need to counteract the widespread circulation of arms, which poses a significant danger to public safety.

Acknowledging citizens’ concerns regarding personal security amidst the rising crime rates, Ag IGP Egbetokun emphasized that the suspension of licenses for individuals to own firearms is a necessary step in the ongoing efforts to control the arms trade. He stressed that the current focus is on consolidating and regulating the existing firearms supply, rather than permitting new licenses in the face of escalating insecurity.

As the Nigeria Police Force remains dedicated to preserving the safety and security of the nation, the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies at both national and international borders play a vital role in maintaining stability in the face of complex challenges.

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