6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

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6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

The decison has been made, the winner has been crowned. Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2017 is finally over and we can now shift our focus to pertinent national issues and also move from Based on Logistics to Based on reality.

During the last week of the BBNaija show, many people were worried that attention have been diverted and we are no longer interested in talking about national issues but rather big brother issues. And fans were canvasing for votes for their favourite housemates on social media. Infact BBNaija 2017 became the most trending topic and issue on the internet. Celebrities jumped into it, telling their fans to vote the housemate they are supporting.

6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017
Big Brother Naija took over Twitter Nigeria trend

All that made BBNaija the trending topic on social media that so many fans wondered what would be their gain after voting since winner takes it all. Because to some people it wasn’t making any sense since they are spending thousands of Naira buying airtime and voting for the Bisola, Tboss, Debie-Rise, Marvis or Efe that won’t really send them.

Now here are Six categories of people who benefited most from the recently concluded BBNaija 2017.

Big Brother Organizers:
The organizers of BBNaija will be smiling to the bank because they have made huge amount of money. If you want to conquer Africa easily conquer Nigeria first. I don’t think they can have BB South Africa or Ghana, Kenya or any other countries of Africa because they know Nigeria is a huge market. If you want massive viewership, involve Nigeria.
Imagine the millions, billions the organizers of this BBNaija have made from voting alone.

Sponsors of the show: I’m sure sponsors of the show like Payport, Coca cola, Indomie, Heritage bank and others will be very happy because they have gotten to wider audiences.

6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

Meaningful Nigerians: Going through this BBNaija on social media. I saw the way Nigerians talked about it. Infact BBNaija is the most trending topic last week. The way and manner we Nigerians defiled all odds of Religion, tribalism, ethnicity. I could rarely see anything attaching tribe towards voting their favourite housemates. And the whole social media was boiling with people, fans, celebrities canvasing for votes for their favourite housemate. This is a big lesson we can learn that we need each other in this country. Imagine if we can defile all odds of tribe, religion, state to challenge our leaders, something different would happen.

I think that is one benefit, that we can indeed speak with one voice, with the radical way we canvased votes for our favourites, we can do better in General elections in Nigeria.

Winner: The winner, Efe took home N25m and a brand new SUV. Apart from that, imagine the endorsements he would be getting from brands, companies. Infact His name alone is a brand. Gifts will be pouring in from everywhere. Me sef dey jealous.

6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

Other participants: Other participants (Housemates) of BBNaija benefited and will continue to if they utilize the opportunity. Soma spent only two weeks in the house, came out to become Payport ambassador. Other housemates are getting endorsements too. BBNaija has given them the platform to showcase themselves.

6 Categories Of People Who Benefited From BBNaija 2017

Social media marketers and influencers: People who fall under this really benefitted because they used the BBNaija platform to grow their audience, followers and some made more money. Some got more opportunities. Am sure most of us will be asking how?

There is what is called “Tent pole” in social media and digital marketing. When a topic or event is trending on the internet and social, since it’s trending and that’s what audiences are glued to and want to know more of. The social media personnel’s influencers or anyone used opportunity to talk about it to his audience to. Popular tent poles are Olympics, mannequin challenge, Dino Melaye song Ajeku etc.

A popular social media comedian once said that in social media said there are and will always be trending issues and personalities that are scape goats with which you trend trend with, as people are cutting their potion and eating from the scape goat, make sure you cut your own part too. All those things are tent poles and trending.

That is what so many social media influencers and marketers used to benefit from this BBNaija. Every trending topic they always jump on it, talk about it. It helps them gain more followers which in return will boost their advertising revenue.

Let me give you an instance: When you go through the #BBNaija on twitter, a popular twitter influencer who jumped on it, seriously campaigning and giving free airtime to those willing to vote for Efe. Because he seems to be the most popular person in that thread. I see some people who have been wondering his benefits from all his campaigns. Now here is what some of us don’t know. He got over 4,000 followers alone in the month of March and he’s getting more. He has the most retweeted posts on the thread. He became more popular, and remember the last week of BBNaija, the show was one of the most trended in Nigeria. With the aggressive way he marketed and campaigned for Efe on twitter, I am sure more brands are coming to him to help market their products and services. He has gotten more customers (brands) who are giving him their products and services to help market. So many opportunities got opened for him. If he’s going to meet some new brands who need influencers, I don’t think he would be needing a CV because am sure they would have seen what he did on twitter with BBNaija.

I myself jumped into the BBNaija Tent pole, cut my own potion of the goat. I gained more followers. That was the first time I was getting over 300 retweets on one of my post on Twitter. It has never happened. My posts were been retweeted back to back.

Many people you saw creating videos, posts concerning Efe, it’s because that was the most popular “Tent pole,” so they are jumping on it as a business strategy.

So for some of us wondering what some social media personnel benefited as they were going about campaigning, some of it were just a business strategy. Yes they love the housemates but they still used common sense to get back, even if not now but in the future it will still pay off. They grew their audience, became more popular and brands seeking for them.

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