5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

The global caused by the deadly Coronavirus has no doubt affected the whole world, industries, companies and individuals. Except you’re an alien living in Saturn or a rich guy who can afford a flat in Mars to escape Covid-19, I’m sure you are currently staying at home and might have had you salary cut or worse, might have been laid off by a struggling company amidst this global turbulence.

If you a looking for a new job, regardless of staying at home, then I’ve got help or 5 suggestions on how to get a job during these hard times.

1. Convince yourself that you really want a job

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

This might sound so easy until you try and then excuses starting popping up in your head like popcorn forming in an overheated microwave. Pop…pop…pop!

You might find yourself wondering why you need to go out to work and risk catching the virus when you could just stay home and watch Telemundo and other boring TV channels but just a quick question, what would you do happen when that bag of rice in the kitchen finishes, I heard ulcer and hunger kills faster than the virus. LOL. If you take the necessary safety measures, the virus won’t come close. I can assure you that.

2. Know your personal capabilities

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

Are you the type that can work from home and devote all your attention to the job or the one who would procrastinate until NEPA takes light and then phone and laptop batteries die? If you are the former, then congratulations, you can find a remote job and work from home at least 70-80 percent of the time.

If the latter is your style, you need to decide if you really want to work in reality or in your dreams as you sleep the useful hours away. I know working from home has its distractions but it’s worth it if you put in the effort.

3. Look online

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

Now is the time where most people are glued to their internet screens so leverage on this. More HR teams across industries are now investing a lot in Ads and sponsored posts showcasing vacancies and stuff. If you don’t find one that suits you in your or feeds, then check other platforms like Jobberman, Indeed, Linkedin, etc.

4. Learn computer skills

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

The world is changing; it would be a disaster if you’re not changing too, and even more disastrous if you, as a 21st-century job seeker doesn’t have basic computer skills.

At least learn the basics like PowerPoint, Word, etc. If you can’t know most of them because these days, even before the coronavirus came to say hi, we’ve seen everything go digital. Even the food seller at my bus stop now uses a typewriter to prepare her menu. LOL

5. Craft a good CV

5 Ways To Get A Job Easily During This Pandemic

I’ve seen CVs that literally made me dislike reading. Your CV is the first impression you make on your prospective boss and don’t forget that first impressions matter and lasts so long. Do not let bad fonts or too many typos deprive you of your well-deserved job.

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