5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020

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2020 is not doubt, one of the hardest years for the world, if you were born after 1990, you probably haven’t had to stay six feet away from the next person and shut yourself indoors and wear face masks outdoor as we all do now, but perhaps you have sat to ponder how these all started, where did the first case of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China come from in 2019? Nobody knows the answer for sure but we could take a guess from movies. We have gathered a list of the top 5 movies you might not want to see in 2020 if you have a soft heart.

These top-rated movies predicted a pandemic like Covid-19, some went the extra mile to tell how this pandemic would be the beginning of an apocalypse and it could be a bit traumatic to expose yourself to these movies while in quarantine or isolation.


The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020
The Dead Don’t Die – Theatrical release poster

This movie is an all-star cast 2019 American horror film written and directed by Jim Jasmusch. It tells the story of an alien woman who comes down to earth to work as a coroner at the local funeral home in a rural town, bringing with her a new curse. A curse that brings about the end of the world and causes polar fracking that altered the Earth’s rotation and consequently causes the earth to release the remains of people who have been buried.

Comic Relief: If you love Selena Gomez, you might want to take a peek at The Dead Don’t Die because she played the role of Zoe, one of the three teenagers who were mauled by the undead but thankfully, she was decapitated before she turned, therefore saving us the trauma of seeing out sweetheart as a zombie.


Flu (2013)

5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020
Flu – Theatrical release poster

Hailing from South Korea, this film is about a virus that spreads within Bundang and causes the city to become quarantined. The infected only have 36 hours to live. They also vomit blood. The film begins with a man catching the unknown flu when he ignorantly handled a dead immigrant; the man was hospitalized where he, unfortunately, caused the first wave of the spread.

Anarchy reigns as communication are cut off and riots break out. All of the hallmarks of a virus-themed disaster movie are present and accounted for, but Flu scores extra points for being very intense, crazily entertaining, and rife with political distrust.


93 Days

5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020
93 Days – Promotional Image

Coming down to Nigeria, we have our very own 93 Days. Featuring four-time Emmy Awards nominee, Danny Glover, who also starred in the first movie on this list and Nigerian Nollywood star Bimbo Akintola, this movie is based on the actual Ebola virus outbreak in Nigeria after it was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian American diplomat and majorly centres on the sacrifices made by men and women who risked their lives to make sure the virus was contained before it becomes an epidemic. 93 Days is dedicated to Ameyo Adadevoh, a Nigerian physician who played a key role in the containment of Ebola in Nigeria.


Black Death (2010)

5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020
Black Death – Theatrical release poster

This could be the most extreme movie on the list, Black Death talks about the most dangerous pandemic in history, The Bubonic Plague, which spawned in the 1300s and killed as much as over 200 million people.

The story follows a band of puritans who set out to find a village that’s not only plague-free but where there have been reports of black magic being used to both to keep the disease away and also to resurrect the dead. If only we could bring this part of the film into the real world.

Tangled (2010)

5 Movies You Should NOT See In 2020
Tangled – Poster

The popular Disney film, which was released ten years ago, tells the story of Rapunzel, who is locked away in a tower for 18 years. Not exactly a scary movie to stay away from but it might be a little poignant if you are just discovering that Princess Rapunzel was locked away in the village of Corona!

Noticing the strange coincidence, startled fans tweeted:

Remember the film Tangled? And how she was locked up in a castle?? AS IF the castle was called CORONA castle… shame we’re not living in a fairytale. I’d rather be locked up in a castle tbf.”

So the movie from Disney Tangled the girl is not allowed out of the castle. The kingdom is called Corona. Coincidence!! I don’t think so. I’m shook.”

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