5 Movie Superstars You Never Knew Acted Adult Movies

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A good number of actors and actresses are known to sometimes have a relatively queer or shady past. It can be said for many but a lot of people do not find it easy to place their finger on such dark pasts their idols may have had. We might just stun a good number of you on how these ones once had dealings in porn and the adult film industry. 

5 Movie Superstars You Never Knew Acted Adult Movies


Starting with popular American actor Matt Leblanc who began his acting career in the mid-late 1980s. Leblanc shot to stardom when he acted in the popular movie ”Friends” in the 1990s. However, Leblanc was finding it hard to get roles in Hollywood and was not looking like he was going to get one anytime soon. He was then featured as an actor in the soft-core pornography film known as ”The Red Shoe Diaries”. Leblanc featured in two episodes but that was enough to make him kinda popular around Hollywood.

Next up is Shu Qi. Shu Qi is a Taiwanese-American actress who is most popular for her role in the movie Transporter. Shu Qi has a history of appearing as a pornstar in various porn movies before her rise to fame in the United States. Recently, Qi made attempts to buy the copyright of every porn movie she has starred in, to give her a clean record in the industry. We know how that went, right?

Number three on the list is a renowned movie legend named Sylvester Stallone aka Rambo. Stallone is most popular for starring in the very-popular American movie titled Rambo and thus the name stuck and became his nickname. But years before Rambo, Stallone had featured in a number of porn movies, the most notable being ”The Italian Stallion”.

Sasha Grey is well known in the US for acting in the movie ”The Girlfriend Experience” and  ”Entourage”. Many people did not know that Grey stayed in the porn industry for up to five years, dating back to 2006. She eventually quit in 2011 and decided to go into the regular industry. She made a name for herself in the adult movie industry in those five years.

Last on the list is the Game of Thrones star Sibel Kekilli. Kekilli is a German actress who played the role of Shae in Game Of Thrones. The 42-year-old won the popular Berlinale award in 2004 for her role in the movie Head-On. Kekilli’s past was rather kept low-key and she had been involved in acting in hard-core porn movies and videos alike since her late teens. Shortly after winning the Berlinale, a leaky tabloid posted her X-rated videos and scenes in various adult movies. This caused a permanent strain between her and her parents, who have long since ex-communicated due to the leaked explicit tapes.

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