C Natty: Get Familiar With Fast Rising Latest Act On The Block!

Yaaknow! The tag of this young and fast rising singer, .

The name C Natty is starting like a lone whisper and in 1 or 2 years will probably blow up everywhere, his songs is slowly beginning a crescendo into our ears and our hearts.

C Natty blends his sounds properly well different genres infused, he sings when he wants and delivers classic.

He does all these with omnipresent happiness, that immerses everyone, and flows from the screens of your devices into your hearts.

Recently got affiliated to MixNaija Ent. He tends to release his craft on a constant levels now, and definitely gets his sounds get much more publicized..

His sounds are well produced even before getting the MixNaija Ent deal, he has worked with underground producer, and also fast rising indegenious rapper, Leke Lee.

His latest sound, ‘Special Girl’ featuring T Classic and produced by the master mind behind Kiss Daniel’s latest jams
set sights to go very far as it had started to get airplay on music visuals stations and possibly some radio airplay. A splendid turn that got a verse from the classical boy himself – .

An ex Agindigbi Senior Grammar School student, his single ‘Special Girl’ had been getting positive reviews a feedback since its release. On the tune he sings about a girl that doesn’t want anything but want just the special love, he put his vocal dexterity and lyrical prowess on full display.

Without any hype, the timeless classic shows more musical diversity of the remarkable singer and it’s very infectious. Definitely, he is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising musicians breaking new grounds in the music industry.

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  1. Tophitvibe says

    Nice dope c natty I love him I love most of your articles posted here

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