10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos

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10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos

2020 has being a hectic year, several things happened that really got people lamenting, one of them is the ban of Motorcycle known as Okada in Lagos. Lagos State Government earlier this year banned Motorcycle movement on the major roads of Lagos, this caused many people to start walking to their offices, shops, schools and homes. Some people believed the government did not have a tangible reason to ban Okada, others believed it was a nice concept and would help orderliness in Lagos.

Despite all the arguments towards the Okada ban, many were not even affected, but if you are affecting and have been thinking of a way out. TalkGlitz has come to your rescue and here are the 10 ways to cope with Okada ban:

  1. Live in the reality:Β  the first thing that will help you cope is to understand that the ban of Okada in Lagos is real. Do not stay in the mirage that it will be allowed soon or if the public start complaining the ban will be lifted. Whether the ban is lifted or not should a thing to be decided by Lagos State Government and not you. Come out of the illusion and live in the reality.

    10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
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  2. Think of the reason you need Okada: some of the people are just wailing hard that Okada was banned in Lagos and do not even need Okada. Here ask yourself do I really need Okada? If your answer is yes, then you can proceed to other means we will mention.
  3. Where do you need to take Okada to: Understand where you need to take the Okada to. How long is it? Is there any means to the place? If it is a short distance, you can just walk to the place, you just need to start going earlier and if there is another means to the place then use it.

    10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
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  4. Get A Walk Partner: For your walking not to be boring, get a walk partner, this will make you enjoy the walk more. Look around for a neighbor that goes through the same direction as you and book to always walk with him or her.
  5. See The Walk As An Exercise Than A Burden: Lagos is a state of activities, everyone in Lagos is a busybody, no time to waste time, you are either rushing yourself or someone is rushing you. With this, many people do not even have the time for physical exercise, believing that Lagos stress is an exercise. Now that you have to be walking, enjoy it and see it as a means of keeping fit than a punishment. Enjoy it, you can even get chewing gums along as you walk, just enjoy it

    10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
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  6. Use BRT For Transportation: for those going to a farther areas, use BRT, it is even cheaper, just that now COVID-19 has made everything to be expensive, BRT may be expensive now also. Notwithstanding it is a better means of transportation in Lagos.
  7. Use Danfo: Here we come, Danfo is popular in Lagos, most people do not enjoy it, they believe it is always rough to travel with Danfo. But now that your favourite Okada has been ban, just manage danfo, you don’t have to like it. You can plug in your earpiece to enjoy your favourite songs as you move.

    10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
    A Tricycle
  8. Use Tricycle: tricycle is known as keke napep, for those that are going to short distances, you can just use Keke in the absence of Okada.
  9. Use Uber, Bolt and the likes: for those that are not comfortable transporting with other public transport in Lagos can always order rides from Uber, bolt and other similar rides. This should serve you better, although it can be a bit expensive.

    10 Ways To Cope With Okada Ban In Lagos
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  10. Get Yourself A Ride! This is one of the pleasant things anyone can achieve. Instead of disturbing yourself over Okada ban, you can just get yourself a car.
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