10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship

10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship
10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you will have at least one opposite sex best friend which you constantly hang out with and are very close to. Best friends have that kind of inseparable bond between them; they just believe they are the best for each other. At time things go out of limit that one or both of them cannot even tell if it is just a friendship or it is becoming an emotional one.

Maybe both of you might not have realized it but little by little, you are stepping beyond the boundaries of best friends. It’s kind of like you and your opposite sex best friends are more than besties but not a couple.

Of course, people may argue that that it is a bond that only besties will understand but if you two are starting to get weird comments that both of you are too close or that people mistake you for a couple, or one or both of you are feeling entangled than just friendship, maybe it is time to stop and evaluate the friendship. To make the evaluation easy TalkGlitz has come to help you with signs that your opposite sex best friend wants more than friendship.

Here are the 10 signs to show that your opposite sex best friend wants more than just friendship:

  1. He/she is sad when you start getting close to another opposite: when your opposite sex best friend which herein after will be referred to as bestie start having feelings for you, you will find him or her trying to be just the closest person to you. Your bestie will frown at any opposite sex other than him or herself that is trying to be close to you. You will always see your bestie complaining about the person as if there is something they are dragging. You may not even see that person as a threat but to your bestie, the person should not be close to you. To your bestie it is dangerous and risky that you have another close friend other than him or her. Your bestie is already in a relationship with you, you may just not know.10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship
  2. He/she doesn’t feel comfortable when you haven’t communicated for a few hours: your bestie will always want to talk to you, he or she cannot just afford to skip a day without talking to you. If poor light is the reason you won’t be able to communicate to him or her, your bestie does not mind getting you a generator or minimum a power bank.10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship
  3. He/she can just show up at your house any time: He or she treats your room so personally, that they feel free to come anytime. If you try to stop that, your bestie may start thinking otherwise; probably you are avoiding him or her, or no longer enjoying the company. Your bestie feels you are so close that you should be able to share anything in common even your house. He or she may start suggesting sleeping over, after all we are friends, is that bad!
  1. He/she goes to almost everywhere with you and do almost everything together with you: this is very clear, your bestie will just want to be around so he or she will try to go everywhere with you and won’t even mind doing everything with you. You may start eating together; your bestie will start claiming I eat better when I eat with you. If you are not comfortable, you can let your bestie know, maybe he or she should not bother eating better again. Laugh!
  2. Most of his/her photos on social media are about you: if your bestie is a guy, you are the only girl he always wants to post on social with romantic captions and emojis. Moments with you is the best live chats on instagram. You become his woman crush every day. Wow, it may either be getting interesting or bestie going wrong.10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship
  3. He/she is always happy when people mistaken you as dates or couples: most when people are just friends, you see them trying to correct any situation that want to make them seems like dates or couple. When it comes to a bestie that is interested in a relationship, he or she is delighted about such mistake. To your bestie, it is already getting real, he or she already or will soon have you.
  4. He/she always wants to make important decision with you: when it comes to decisions on vital issues, your bestie will always want to reach them with you. Your bestie is already seeing you as part of his or her life, so your say matters.
  5.  He/she always tries to know everything about you even what you are thinking: Here your bestie may even be able to know what you are thinking just by looks, stares and non-verbal sounds. He or she can tell correctly anything about you. If there is anything you are trying to hide, your bestie won’t just take as he or she must just know you and know you well.
  1. Tells you how you both are the most suitable: At this stage your bestie should have displayed most of the earlier mentioned signs, he or she will be telling you things like, I don’t even think I can find someone like you, you mean a lot to me, you are irreplaceable, you know me more than anybody and I don’t think I need another to, etc. You may likely feels your bestie just like you and not know he or she wants more, he or she wants relationship. Funny enough, it is possible your bestie is already dating you and you do not know.10 Signs Your Opposite Sex Best Friend Wants More Than Just Friendship
  2. Always wants body contact at any physical meeting: Yeah, your bestie will like to touch you, hug you, hold hands with you; may just do anything that will make your bodies collide anytime you both meet. Most times your bestie thinks you can read his or heart from the contacts, unfortunately you may not even regard the contact.

 Other signs may include; he or she doesn’t feel like making new best friend than just you, always acting romantic around you. He or she cannot just afford a fight with you for few hours, shares your food and drinks frequently and will always give preference to the things you preferred.

Summarily, when you notice most of these signs in your opposite sex best friend, know that he or she want more than just friendship. It is advisable you do not ignore the signs.

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