Zainab Oladehinde Further Exposes Zanzibar Hotel; How Management Covered Up Culprits

Zainab Oladehinde
Zainab Oladehinde

Zainab Oladehinde’s story has been a trending topic in the last couple of days after she made a shocking narration of her ugly experience at Warere Beach Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Ms Oladehinde who turned 24 years today, April 18, 2022 further sheds light on how she left Tanzania a broken woman after all efforts to get justice for her assault proved difficult with the connections of the hotel management.

TalkGlitz earlier made a full report of how the Nigerian lady was almost raped by someone within the Warere Beach Hotel and the police couldn’t do much with the case.

Read her concluding narration below:

I knew the world wouldn’t believe me if I eventually tell my story one day.

I’d share more details into my ordeal from Zanzibar and I hope you read this as a mother, as a father, as a sister, as a friend, and has someone who has loved ones they deeply care about.

After the police men at the Nungwi police station chased me out of their police custody on the 18th of April, 2021 . The district commissioner for tourism, Hon. Sadifa contacted me and sent his representatives to the police station.

My friend had done a google search and contacted the commissioner earlier during the day. His representatives came to the police station and after listening to what I said and how I had been maltreated by the police, they condemed the police men and started interrogating the suspects. One of the suspects who happened to be the security man at the hotel confessed to the crime. He was taken into the police cell immediately. He also said he had an accomplice who was the kitchen staff.

In his words, he said the kitchen staff told him to come to my room and they both committed
the crime together . The security man and the kitchen staff were kept in the police cell that night.

Which brings me to the fact that my instincts were right to not have called the attention of the men I saw by the pool that midnight because they were the same men who came into my room. The security man and the kitchen staff.

I went back to the hotel that night feeling tired, sad and angry. This wasn’t the ideal birthday I had imagined in my head. Hon. Sadifa demanded that the hotel put an extra security person at my door that night so I could feel safe a bit.

I knew I needed lawyers so I googled Zanzibar lawyers and found a law firm online called Zanzibar Female Lawyers (ZFL) Association. I contacted them at 8pm that night and sent my story to them via WhatsApp messages in hopes that they’d respond to me.

I requested to speak with the General manager of the hotel, Ms Elizma. I asked her to come see me in my room. Ms.Elizma came to my room trying to sympathize with me. During our conversations,I requested that she allowed me interview her so I can have our conversation on record.

The next day on the 19th of April, The Zanzibar Female lawyers association responded to me and gave me an address to meet up with them the next day.We went back to the police station to have a meeting with the District commisioner where I informed him that I’d need my lawyers present and would want to be taken out of Warere beach hotel as I didn’t feel safe there any longer.

The district commissioner, Hon Sadifa took me out of Warere Beach hotel immediately and lodged me in a new hotel “Next paradise boutique Hotel Zanzibar ”

On meeting with my lawyers,Mrs Jumah and Miss Salma on the 20th of April 2021, they suggested that we demand Warere Beach for a full refund of my trip, the cost of my medical bills, my missed tour activities and experiences,also to pay for damages on insecurity and negligence.

The lawyers and the authorities rounded this amount to $10,000 for damages. This meeting was with my lawyers, Hon. Sadifa and Tanzanian immigration officers as my lawyers suggested I get my trip extended since I was supposed to be back in Lagos on the 22nd of April.

My lawyers and the district Commisioner later summoned the hotel’s owner who was represented by her husband and told him the hotel would have to pay for damages of which he objected. The co- owner of the hotel said I had 2 more days to stay in Zanzibar and I should press charges on the company they hired the security man from
At this time, they had released the kitchen staff from the police custody and claimed the hotel had no relation to my incident anymore as their direct staff “the kitchen staff” wasn’t a part of the crime.

The Zanzibar female lawyers association suggested we take the case to the office of the second Vice President

On the 24th of April, my family sent me some money via money gram since I’d be extending my stay and Mr suley the driver took me where I could get it in cash.

At this point, they had released the security man and the kitchen staff from the police custody even after they had testified to the crime.

The lawyers couldn’t get an early appointment at the office of the Vice President as it was during Ramadan season.

My lawyers got an appointment date with the second Vice President for 2nd of May and begged me to stay till In Zanzibar till May before leaving.

I didn’t want to oblige as I had a job to return to in Lagos but with the trauma the hotel had put me through, I wanted their hospitality license revoked for their gross negligence and insecurity which almost took my life.

On the 2nd of May 2021. I, my lawyers and the commisioner got to the office of the second Vice President and the representative of the Vice President said the government would take legal actions on the hotel but they would need to invite the hotel owner for a meeting.

I was tired at this point and couldn’t wait to get back home so I changed my flight ticket to leave Tanzania the same day of the final meeting. The Holy Spirit had ministered to me that my life was in danger and I needed to leave that country as soon as possible.

On the day of the final meeting at the government house, I noticed the owner of the hotel and the representative of the Vice President were friends as they kept laughing and exchanging pleasantries. During this meeting, I suggested they speak English as I couldn’t hear what they were saying. They claimed some of the officials present at the meeting do not understand English.

My lawyers presented my case once again insisting I couldn’t take them to court as that would mean I’d have to stay in Zanzibar for a longer period for court witness hearing.

The owner of the hotel insisted it was a personal case and none of his concern as the security man wasn’t a direct staff of the hotel.

At the end of the meeting when I tried to leave for the airport, the government officials demanded to check my phone if I was recording.

My lawyers told them they wouldn’t allow them search my phones as it was an intrusion into my privacy but they locked the doors against me and the female lawyers and said we wouldn’t leave without them conducting the search.

Because I had a flight to catch back to Lagos that same day and I didn’t want to miss my flight, I allowed their I.T personnel at the government house search my phone. He went through all my WhatsApp messages, files, pictures, and everything on my phone.

They finally let us leave the room when they saw I didn’t record the conversation we had in that meeting.

I left that office and proceeded to the airport. This day was 5th of May, 2021. I had spent 3weeks in Zanzibar and did everything I could to get justice for myself.

I left Tanzania a broken woman. The security man and the kitchen staff still walk freely, the hotel kept operating their business as usual but I became a shadow of myself. I’m still in therapy as I still suffer from the PTSD of that incident.

I would like to commend the Zanzibar Female lawyers association and Hon. Sadifa. These people did everything they could to ensure I get justice but they were silenced by everyone as the owner of the hotel frolics with top officials in the government.


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