YouTube Now Highlights The ‘Most Replayed’ Parts Of Videos

will now highlight the “most replayed” parts of a video in its web player and mobile apps. The feature was previously available as an experiment for YouTube Premium subscribers but is launching for all users today.

By watching the progress bar for a video and seeing what parts are popular, gives you easy access to those moments that people are most likely to watch from the video.

As becomes more commercialized and mainstream, this new way of generating content might bring with it extra pressure on creators.

YouTube Now Highlights The 'Most Replayed' Parts Of Videos is launching a new “powersaving feature,” which splices longer videos into more manageable, shorter segments. These features are in addition to the “chapters” feature that allows creators to break videos up into several smaller chunks.

Expect to see do everything it can to maintain its dominance in long-form videos, as it continues to face competition from Instagram and TikTok.


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